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Taking a couple days off (in Honolulu) in the midst of this far too long/2.5-week work-related trip, and so I finally have a chance to start reading your book.  LOVING IT! However, I must say that I can't suggest it as beach reading... that is unless one is trying to draw attention to what is tucked inside of one's speedo. 

Fondly, Richard D

You wrote the "Hell" outta this book!!!  It has some of the most engaging and enthusiastic boxing episodes I've ever read!!  I could swear I literally felt the blows!  And the erotic adventures are sizzling hot!!!!!!  Damn, I'd like to experience just a fraction of that kind of action.  You definitely need to do more of this kind of writing,
even expand to screen or TV work, I'd definitely be in line for a ticket, or front and center at the 'Tube'!!

Kudos to the max!!  Keep 'em coming!!!

Best of Life,
K. Morris

I'm very pleased with it. I like the short story format. Gives good insight to the characters and I felt I got to know them a little bit. As opposed to other stories where the character is just thrown at you and there you go. Very hot stories and themes, the forced fights in the rural south. The prison fight. The Halloween story. Turbo was the star and had to be my favorite character. I also liked the military story between the 2 guys of different rank.


"Good stuff, there's usually someone hitting the canvas in your stories "

Pete R

"My thanks to "Doc" for his literary endeavor that sheds light on a sub-community that I didn't realize was as large as it is.  The characters are exactly what I have been looking in word form, great inspiration."

S. Long

"The author's description of his characters is both strikingly masculine and sensual. The main characters have both street sense as well as life experience to back up their defenses both inside and outside of the ring. The stories definitely raise your blood pressure and everything else. You can't wait for the next chapter to see how he tells their story. If boxing was just a sport to you before now it's a sexual adventure with prostate pounding intensity."

David D.

Turbo lives our deepest boxing fantasies in every sweat and jizz soaked page. If you are intrigued by boxing and the men who glove up and prove their manhood in the ring, this book is for you. I bought two copies.

Dennis M.

The Pugilist is nothing short of a masterpiece of erotic boxing fiction! "Doc" Hoskins has a way with his narrative that you're drawn into the ring with Turbo and the gang, feeling every punch thrown, as well as every deep thrust!! 2 Gloves Up!

M. Justice

Terrance was my fav (a bit too much of a heel though)in Hockey Boxer and the best quote in the story is "Hockey is nothing but three sports combined: figure skating, field hockey and amateur female slap boxing." If only there could be a Terrance rink side at every hockey game to bitch slap the goons who interrupt the good hockey with slap boxing!


"The Pugilist" is on of my favorite books! The combination of boxing and hot men is hot as hell. Its horny and never boring. The author wrote some great stories about boxing, real and rough, you will smell the leather and the sweat and get horny from the first page till the last. My favorites are "Navy Days" and "Halloween". Go and get a book, men!!

"The Pugilist" ist eines meiner Lieblingsbücher. Die Kombination von Boxen und heißen Kerlen ist höllisch gut. Es ist geil und niemals langweilig. Der Autor hat ein paar klasse Geschichten übers Boxen geschrieben, echt und rauh, man riecht das Leder und den Schweiß und wird geil von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite. Meine Favoriten sind "Navy Days" und "Halloween". Holt euch das Buch, Leute!

Ralf, Frankfurt/Germany

I think the book is great. My only problem is that I only have stamina enough for about 3 chapters a night.

John "Smokey" E.

I like your writing style. The characters have a lot of clarity. I like the commentary on what they are wearing and what they are trying to convey. The setting for each story is so diverse I look forward to seeing how inventive the next story will be. I am being led down many roads I would never have imagined. Keep up the good work. I hope to meet you sometime in the near future. I hope after I have had a chance to complete my read.

What an outstanding (and informative) read! A must read for anyone interested in boxing or raucous man sex. I hope that there is a sequel (Further Adventures of Turbo and Rook, perchance) in the immediate offing. Excellent work, Doc!

Win F.

Doc Hoskins delivers a knockout and sensual punch that will leave your head spinning and gasping for air!  His stories are more climatic than any fight scene I've ever watched.  A fresh voice in erotic literature sure to take you to that naughty place that few claim.

R. Rollins

The author is to be congratulated; The Pugilist is an amazing book. The format of short stories is unusual in that they are linked together mainly by two boxers at the Doc’s gym.  One or two minor boxers also help with the plot. Thus a book is born.  Special mention of the many excellent drawings in illustrated form showing the participants as giants in action both in the ring and the locker room.  The literary imagery of bouts is so realistic that you almost feel the exchange of the blows and sense the perspiration "flying to the cheaper seats". The accounts of the many encounters do not, as you might think, become monotonous but leave you with eager anticipation for the next one. Turning to the erotic there is plenty of it. In fact after nearly all the fights there is heavy sucking and pounding in pairs and sometimes in threes or more. With no details left untold.  No other locker rooms can have seen anything like it.  The author is to be congratulated on a well written and interesting tale.  It appears there may be another book in the pipeline.  If it comes to fruition I am sure there will no shortage of customers.

 Robert T (UK)


Seriously dude... I would never have thought that gay erotica would turn on a straight chick!!! Now I just need the kids to go to bed.  I have an itch that my husband needs to scratch.

Melissa B