Erotic Boxing Adventures


My friends call me “Turbo,” since I move fast, like a turbo engine.  I decided to use it as a boxing name.  I have always loved boxing.  Ever since I hit puberty I took to the ring as if I’d been born to fight.  I loved boxing before I knew I could love another man.


The Pugilist opens with these bold words of Turbo, the young African American with gloves of lightning, and a throbbing dick as strong as his indomitable heart.  Partnered with Rook, Turbo leads his buddies at Doc’s Gym in a series of erotic adventures mingled with risky undercover operations on the side of law and justice.  Defending the innocent and introducing conquered adversaries to their own buried desires.  The boxers follow Turbo’s path, as he calmly looks the world in the eye, secure in his manhood.

The Pugilist represents a breakthrough in gay erotic fiction succeeding as an entertaining read apart from its intense sexual episodes.  The vividly detailed boxing scenes place the reader in the ring with Turbo and his comrades feeling the sweat and leather of each jab and hook to fill your athletic cup to overflowing proportions.  Thirty-five mouth-watering line drawings, illustrate the stories’ hot boxers in sexual meltdown.  One-handed reading is the almost universal result!

The Pugilist, by “Doc” Hoskins Jr. marks the first entry in a new genre of gay fiction.  Get two copies now because when you lend one out, you’ll never get it back.


Photography by      David Heiltholt

Edited by              Mikeboi


Dwayne stood a full five inches shorter than me.  Looking down at him, his face twisted in anger, his finger jabbing the air between us, made me want to laugh.  I’d have dropped him again, except that I was savoring his sweaty thick muscular frame and broad shoulders, glistening under the light of the room.  The boy was pale, a sharp contrast to my dark chocolate covered Rook; next to him my light brown skin seemed caramelicious.  Dwayne’s sculpted legs and narrow waist, supple as young willows, swayed the tight body in his menace-front as he confronted me.  But his showout was lost on me.  I was completely distracted by Dwayne’s nipples, standing erect as he flaunted his best machismo routine at me.  I saw right through his bravado, to what fermented beneath.

“So what cho gonna do, nigga?” Dwayne shouted in my face, breaking my chain of thought.  Close up to me, that face, despite the ugliness of his emotion, was downright pretty, the narrow sparkling eyes beautiful, the lips carved, full, soft, warm….

Looking him over once more I noted that his trunks continued to defy gravity, hanging just below the crack of his bubble ass.  I licked my lips. Without warning I feinted with a left to the body, watching leisurely as he bent over to protect his abs.  Faster than his eye could follow I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck with my right hand and pulled his face to mine, forcing my mouth against his sweet young lips in a brutal, bruising kiss.


About the Author:

“Doc” Hoskins Jr. is an accomplished Masters Division Boxer currently residing near his home city of New York.  A Navy veteran, College graduate and full time Computer Technician, “Doc" is a proud African American Gay man that continues to push himself in all that he does.  Always having a love for boxing he didn't actually learn to box till much later in life.  Taking to it like a tadpole in water, Doc has fought novice amateurs to title holding professionals over the years.





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THE PUGILIST: Erotic Boxing Adventures





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